According to reports, The KwaZulu-Natal health department is said to have launched an investigation over what happened at the morgue after an accident victim was found to be alive inside the fridge of a state mortuary.

“The department can confirm that an internal inquiry is underway regarding this matter,” department head Sifiso Mtshali said on Friday.

“The shocking incident took place while the DA was conducting an oversight visit at the Mahatma Gandhi hospital, adjacent to the morgue, on Tuesday.”

According to the DA, they said Paramedics were called and upon arrival declared him dead and then asked the should be sent to the morgue;

“However, when the family arrived for identification purposes on Tuesday morning, a pulse and breathing efforts were found in the patient by mortuary staff, who then immediately transported him to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital for resuscitation.”

“This horrific event has again highlighted the extreme shortcomings within the KZN health department’s EMRS and mortuary services.”