A KZN woman who goes by the name Thabisile Hlatshwayo from Pongola in northern KwaZulu-Natal is currently one of the happiest people on earth following the birth of her Twins ( a boy and a girl).

The woman in question is said to have lost a set of twins one year earlier due to the fact that the babies were born premature. However those tears have now turned to joy as she welcome her new sets of twins on the 1st of January.

While speaking to Timelives, the happy mother said she cant wait to take them home;

“I still cannot believe it. And I didn’t know I was carrying twins again. The ones that I lost were also a boy and a girl. God has His way of bringing comfort. I actually prayed to have twins again. I’m blessed and I’m lucky‚” said the soft-spoken Hlatshwayo from Kwakhiphunyawo.

She also said that members of her family very much happy with the news;

“They were elated. They are saying that these babies are here to wipe away the family’s tears‚” she said.

Source:- Timeslive