The photo of a woman seating at the back of an Isuzu inside a cage caused outrage on social media yesterday when the photo was shared.

The picture angered lots of people online and was shared thousands of times.

The woman in question has revealed that its not what lots of people were thinking, saying that she needed a lift and it was very hot that, so she choose to seat at the back;

“I climbed on the back myself. I didn’t want to sit in front‚ it was too hot. I wanted to sit in the wind‚” she told The Times.

“He’s been coming to our farm for a long time‚” said Steenkamp when asked whether she knew Erasmus the driver

Upon speaking to the driver, he said that he doesn’t really know the woman in question and that she climb the back of the bakkie just after they loaded the cage;

“She herself climbed into that thing and I dropped her off in Cradock‚” said Erasmus.

“This cage on the back of the bakkie is a sheep cage that we use to weigh lambs. The cage is loose‚ I tie it down with the straps and then I take it off and weigh lambs.”