According to ER24 a woman has been killed following a car collision in Vanderbijlpark;

Below is how ER24 puts the report;

A woman was killed in a collision between a Mercedes and Toyota Corolla on Hertz Boulevard and Siemens Street, #Vanderbijlpark early this morning.

Shortly after 4am paramedics from ER24 and other services arrived on scene where they found the woman lying next to the Corolla. It is believed that she was ejected from the vehicle during the collision. Upon assessment, paramedics found that she sustained #fatal injuries. Sadly, there was nothing that they could do for her and she was declared dead on the scene. Three other occupants from the vehicle sustained only minor injuries. They later declined to be transported to hospital.

The occupants from the Mercedes were assessed but found with no physical injuries.

The exact cause for the collision is not yet known. Local police attended the scene.