Shooting between residents and police in Davidsonville gets bloody and violent, as several victims have been caught in the cross fire. Residents said they were protesting over housing issues and notifications that their homes would be cut off from water and electricity.”We will not be cut off. This is a no cut off zone – they can’t cut us off,” said one resident who only identified herself as Klara.

“It’s wrong. We were protesting calmly and the police just started firing at us.”

“We did nothing wrong and what happens is they aggregate us and then it gets violent,” she said.

Several people were arrested as rocks, rubber bullets and petrol bombs were exchanged.
Some groups stood on the mine dumps next to the Township and pelted rocks and glass at police.

Petrol bombs were also thrown at a Nyala that was trying to unblock Van Wyk Road.

The residents said they wanted the DA Councillor for the area, Renee Benjamin to address them otherwise the protest would continue.
As the crowd pushed forward tear gas and flash bangs were used to pushed them down the main road road and back into the residential area.

Later Benjamin arrived and heard their grievances. The community gave her 24-hours to come back with a response.

The crowd began to disperse when several youths began throwing rocks again at police from the mine dumps.

Police retaliated with rubber bullets and two people were injured.