Most times we get to see and read about repeated attacks on women. Hardly do we see incidents where men are on the receiving end.

A husband and a father of two suffered a broken arm after arguing with his wife over a used condom that he found in her bag.

According to the police, they have arrested 24-year-old Casenene Thandiwe Sibanda, after being accused of breaking the arm of 48-year-old Rodger Sibanda.

Casenene was charged with one count of assault.

According to the police investigation, Casenene and Rodger are married and have two children together.

One night last week, Rodger found a used condom in his wife’s bag before they went to bed.

Rodger became furious and shouted at his wife. Casenene and Rodger fought and went to bed.

Casenene grabbed his arm and twisted it until it broke. She also used the cane on him.