Many South Africans are complaining about the current situation of our borders. Many are of the view that our border officials are corrupt to the core.

A 24-year-old lady was sexually abused by border officials while trying to cross to Zimbabwea.

The victim who narrated her awful experience in tears said she was asked to park her car and follow the officials to a nearby office where her documents would be checked near the border gate.

She said she was told not to worry because it was getting dark real fast.

”They told me they wanted me to welcome me to the country and get me ready for the jungle,” she revealed.

The girl said she was given a drink which she refused but she was forced to drink it anyway.

”They forced me to drink a drink that felt like vodka and striped me. I was repeatedly rapped by different men wearing uniform.

” got drowsy and eventually passed out.

”I woke up very tipsy beside my car around 5 a.m. Whatever they gave me must have been very strong.

”The officers i saw there said i was lucky not to be deported or arrested for drunk driving.

”When i tried to tell them what actually happened they laughed at me,” explained the victim who does not want her identity revealed.

The lady left the border post in shame and eventually tried to report the rape when she got to Harare.

She was taken to Harare Central Hospital where the rape was also confirmed.

She was visiting her family in Zim. As of the time of filing this report, no arrests have been made.

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