WHEN instincts kick in, just follow them. This was the case when Tiaan Coetzer and his wife were nearly hijacked at their business premises in Robertsham on July 16 at about 5.47pm.

He said his wife was driving in when they suddenly saw the headlights of a white Audi following them. Immediately, two armed guys alighted from the Audi and charged towards them.

“When this scenario played out, I just told my wife to reverse and drive off. I mean if we stayed and did as they wished, we could have been hijacked, killed, raped, or they could have done whatever they came for. So we tried our best and we were lucky to get out of the gate.

“In instances like these, your car is your weapon, use it. I know this is not the solution for every hijacking, however, it worked for us. This is one of the success stories where the hijackers didn’t get what they wanted. Fortunately, we saw them before they had the opportunity to get out of the car. These few seconds allowed us to be proactive,” he explained.

Booysens SAPS communications officer Captain Lorraine van Emmerik said the case of attempted armed robbery is under investigation.

“The complainant saw one unknown suspect getting out of the car and running towards them. The suspect came to the driver’s side window and hit it with the gun. The complainant did not hear what he was saying. The complainant quickly decided to reverse but she faced the suspects’ car which was parked in the driveway. She noticed a space and drove her car through it and from there straight to the police station,” she said.