According to a survey conducted by the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA), Government departments and state-owned entities (SOEs) pay white and Indian advocates more money, although they employ more black advocates for civil cases.

LSSA looked at the distribution of legal work from January 5 2015 to February 12 last year . It found that work was not distributed evenly among advocates, “but only a few receive most of the work most of the time”.

There was a “significant gap” between male and female advocates getting state work, “with the latter being at the bottom of those who get [it]”.

More black male advocates were appointed At SOEs, followed by whites, with Indians in third place. But payments were unequal.

The Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) enrolled the services of 11 white senior counsels and paid more than R1.7-million. No black senior counsels were enrolled.

Acsa used 10 black junior counsels and paid them R368000, and roped in nine white junior counsels but paid them R859000. The five Indian senior counsels used made R885000. One coloured senior counsel was used and was paid R34200.