The sad story, as it happened, several devilish measures were employed by the assailants to degrade and extinguish the entire household. Greg‚ 57‚ Melanie‚ 51‚ and Rakiel Naidoo‚ 23‚ disappeared from their home in Northcliff after the robbery.

Police found three burnt bodies in a veld in Centurion on Monday morning.

On Tuesday police said no link between the two cases had been established.

However‚ Greg’s son‚ Rezine‚ said the family had positively identified the bodies through the remains‚ clothes and other body parts.

A statement by the family said they weren’t able to identify the faces and were still waiting on the results of the DNA tests.

“There is a lot of uncertainty as to exactly what happened with our family and what the motives behind it are‚ we are relying on the police to answer this and put to rest all speculation currently circulating‚” the family statement said. What is not clear is whether it was an organised assassination or ordinary robbery attack, because the criminals made sure they burnt the tortured the victims beyond recognition.

“For now we await the positive identification of our family. We want to thank the Northcliffe community and everyone for their generous and sincere efforts at this time‚” the family said.

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