EFF Julius Malema has noted to the chagrin of many that there are too many whites in South Africa and there is no space for white and Indian Supremacist in the country.

Malema noted that it was time for whites and Indians to go back home as they have overstayed their visit.

‘We have more white people and Indians than we need in South Africa. It’s time to cut down the numbers. We must only keep the ones we need. The rest must be loaded on boats and be shipped back home ‘, Malema

The seemingly furious Malema said a load of divisive things while addressing a mammoth crowd during EFF 5 years anniversary on Saturday.

This was after he  admitted  to burglary

“We are breaking into your houses because we have nothing to do” “Give us the land – you shall know permanent peace,”

“Give us the land – you shall know a permanent peace,” he declared.

White people could enjoy their gardens when land is returned to the people as house break-ins would stop, according to EFF leader Julius Malema.

He was speaking at the political party’s 5th birthday celebrations in Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape on Saturday at the Sisa Dukashe stadium where throngs of supporters gathered.

“I want to make a clarion call to fellow white South Africans: Don’t be scared of the land debate, because the land debate is going to liberate you from yourselves.”

Malema also took a swipe at the ANC stating that the EFF is like the second coming of ‘Jesus’ and the ANC is ‘buried in Qunu’.