Three children died in Cape Town on Monday after eating poisonous meat.

Reports have it that the children are from Samora Machel informal settlement and were between the ages of 3 months and 6 years old.

Though details about their death are still sketchy, it was understood that organophosphates were found on meat portions. Organophosphates are most commonly used in commercial insecticides.

The spokesperson for the health department‚ Darren Francis‚ said they are currently running tests at a local laboratory to determine the exact cause, adding that “doctors had ruled out bacterial based pathogens as the cause of infection”.

Western Cape police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut said death inquests has been opened and post mortems would be conducted to determine the exact cause of their deaths.

The poison is said to have also affected at least three adults. One of the victims is currently in a critical condition at Groote Schuur Hospital while a female patient was discharged from Mitchell’s Plain Hospital.

Emergency Medical Services revealed they were called to a home in the Weltevreden area on Monday afternoon to transport one patient to a local hospital‚ but upon arrival, they found six additional patients suffering from the same symptoms.