Prostitutions is gradually becoming a problem is South Africa as sex workers are desperate to land clients who turn out to be victims at most cases.

Road users especially the male ones travelling in the Glenwood and Yeovil area are advised to keep their car doors locked.

This is due to a new methods prostitutes in these areas came up with. They rush up to the windows and even get into cars if the doors are unlocked.

In Glenwood, a community activist, who declined to be named, said they had dealt with cases where women would get into the passenger seat and start screaming that their “services” had been requested and they had not been paid by the driver.

He said the community recently dealt with an incident where a father had dropped his son off at school and was talking on his cellphone. He had not locked the car doors and this woman opened the door and got inside.

By the time the neighbourhood watch (NHW) team had arrived, the woman was holding up a condom claiming that they were about to get physical and the driver refused to pay her.


In a separate incident in Yeovil, a man was parked at the traffic light when he noticed a woman running up to his car. The one asked for a lift. The next minute she started screaming that the man refused to pay her for her services with a condom in her hand. Both ended up in Yeovil Police station.

With the help of a CCTV camera beside the traffic lights, the man was proven innocent.

The NHW team regularly conducted patrols along Helen Joseph (Davenport), Clark and Esther Roberts (Frere) roads, as well as the smaller avenues adjoining the roads to chase prostitutes and their clients from the area.

But the general public needs to be warned and vigilant as well.

Local business owners complain that they are fed up with clearing away used condoms from the fronts of their buildings. Their clients are also being harassed by these women.

Two business owners said prostitution was a major problem in the Glenwood area and despite them constantly chasing women away, they returned a few hours later.