South Africans were shocked last week after stripe dancrs were brought to entertain Prisoners in Joburg prison. Many citizens voiced out their anger and disappointment on the incident.

In a new development, prisoners serving life and long term sentences at Pretoria’s Kgosi Mampuru II prison rioted on Sunday afternoon.

About 19 people were injured‚ as prisoners disputed the official count.

Prisoner were very unhappy with how issues around parole are being dealt with so they took a big fight to the officials.

One warder was beaten with a brick for calling prisoners by the K word. The K word annoyed the inmates to a great length and they reacted.

Prison authorities called in Department of Correctional Services specialised units to help calm the situation.

Warders were deployed with dogs‚ electric shields and pepper spray after prisoners‚ who were armed with improvised weapons‚ attacked them.

Spokesman for the Gauteng Department of Correctional Services Ofentse Morwane‚ confirmed that an altercation had taken place‚ confirming issues surrounding parole were at the crux of the disagreement.

According to initial reports‚ offenders were refusing to go into their cells.

In line with the relevant legislation‚ minimum force was utilised to restore order and the centre is now back to normal.

WATCH: Pretoria prisoners riot over parole


Angry prisoners from several Gauteng prisons told The Times that the strike would begin in other prisons in the province from today (Monday).

Morwane said the matter will be reported to the Inspecting Judge as well as departmentally‚ for the necessary investigations to be conducted.

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