In a twist of event, two Johannesburg paramedics had to abandon their work when a patient they were treating turned on them and started attacking them.

The incident happened just after midnight on Tuesday.

According to Gauteng Department of Health spokesperson Kwara Kekana, two paramedics had gone to Vorna Valley Swiss Club after receiving report about a stabbing incident.

“Upon arrival on scene, the two paramedics found a male patient lying on the ground with stab wounds and immediately initiated treatment and care.

“While the paramedics were busy treating the patient, he (the patient) suddenly became aggressive and kicked the woman paramedic on her face and the male paramedic on the back of the head.”

Kekana said the woman sustained a bruise and swelling on her right eye and was taken to the nearby Waterfall Hospital where she was booked off sick due to her injuries.

Her colleague, she said, had excessive liquid coming out of his nose and also complained of dizziness.

“He said he would consult (a doctor) should he not feel better”.

According to Kekana, the police were also on the scene and witnessed the assault.

The paramedics could not continue treating the patient due to the injuries sustained. The matter, she said was escalated with the police.

In a related incident, on Saturday, twin baby boys and their parents burnt to death after a fire and rescue crew fled a scene of the fire after coming under attack from residents in Delft in the Western Cape.

Interfering community members attacked the crew forcing them to flee while a wendy house with people inside was on fire, were blamed for the deaths.

Spokesperson Jermaine Carelse said he was not shocked the crews had left the area in fear for their lives, after they were directly threatened and verbally abused by residents.

Carelse said “Fire crews from Belhar, Bellville and Lansdowne Road were dispatched to the scene of a dwelling alight in Palm Street.

“Unfortunately, while attending to the fire, crews were verbally assaulted, threatened and one staff member manhandled by individuals of the community.

“Fearing for their safety, the crews returned to their various stations, only to return under police escort.

“What the community may be overlooking is how they stood by and took no initiative to pacify tensions or offer our firefighters support.

“Firefighters are in constant attack in local communities and their choice to leave volatile environments is justified”.