Its nothing new that man and snakes does not cross path, because one of them must kill one and in most cases the snakes gets to be killed.

Yesterday luck ran out for a 4.3 metre long rock python after it swallowed a local residents goat and instead of killing it, they had to call in a local snake catcher,Fanie Cilliers to come help out and may be rescue the goal.

According to the owner of the goat Mr Nzimande, he told Cilliers that he already lost about two of his chickens earlier to those snakes;

“Mr Nzimande claimed that this was the third python for the day and when the python took one of his goats he had had enough. He claims that the previous two pythons each ate a chicken from his livestock and that this is a norm as this happens frequently,” said Cilliers.

Cilliers said that when he arrived at Nzimande’s yard, the python was still giving the goat the squeeze of death.

“I grabbed this beautiful African Rock Python (python natalenses ) female and then pulled her from the cliff’s edge where I could work with her safely. I then bagged her and we started the long walk back to the car with this 28 kilogram python on my back.”

He said the python would be released into a nearby game park that had previously been a cattle ranch.