Report indicates that a man who visited the cop shop to smuggle drugs to his friend on Monday got a surprise when he ended up sharing the cell himself!

The 29-year-old thought he would fool cops at the Port Shepstone Police Station, on the south coast of KZN, by hiding drugs in a yoghurt container and a loaf of bread – but they outsmarted him.

The clever cops on duty became suspicious and searched the food before he could hand it over to his friend. They found 10 mandrax tablets and 26 capsules of heroin hidden inside!

According to a police source, the man was arrested on the spot and put into the same cell as his friend.

Police spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed the incident.

“At about 5.35pm, a 29-year-old man came to give food to his friend in the cells of Port Shepstone Police Station.

The members on duty searched the container of yoghurt and loaf of bread he had with him and found the tablets and heroin hidden inside.”

She said the suspect was arrested and appeared in the Port Shepstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday for dealing in drugs.

“He was released on R1 000 bail and will appear in court again on 1 March,” said Gwala.