Two people were shot dead and another critically injured when a car was riddled with bullets on the Xavier Road in Ormonde, in the south of Johannesburg, on Wednesday.

Xolani Fihla, Johannesburg metropolitan police department (JMPD) spokesperson confirmed there had been a shooting incident.

He said “There was a shooting on Xavier just over the M1. A driver and a passenger were fatally shot and one passenger is in a serious condition”.

Images from the scene showed a vehicle peppered with bullet holes.

Russel Meiring, ER24 spokesperson said “A light motor vehicle was found parked in the middle of the road riddled with bullet holes. Medics found two men in the front of the vehicle while a third man was found seated in the rear.

“Medics assessed the men and found that the two in front had sustained numerous gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life while the man in the rear was in a critical condition.”

The injured man was extricated from the vehicle and transported to hospital.

Fihla also said “At the moment the motive of the shooting  is unknown and Xavier has been closed off for traffic”.