Trevor Noah is a South African television and radio host, and comedian, known for his role as host of The Daily Show on American network Comedy Central since September 2015.

Noah forked out 5 million rands to help victims of the Knysna fire.

Many South Africans are very happy at this notable donation to the victims of the Knysna disaster.

Noah said he initially wanted to keep the donation anonymous but his friends did the rest.

”I felt obliged to donate after i saw the aftermath of the fires, it was the right thing to do” said Trevor Noah.

He said the donation was his way of showing how proudly South African he is.

”I will never turn my back on the country that made me”

In another development, President Zuma Personally Donated Only R450 To Help Knysna Fire Victims.

The nysna fire outbreak is arguably the worst the country has seen. Pres. Zuma alongside Western Cape Premier Helen Zille visited the victims of the disaster.

The Pres. donated R450 to help Knysna fire victims.

He described the Knysna fire as ”worst disaster i have ever experienced.”

His R450 donation was to help the victims of the disaster.

When Zuma announced his personal donation, people were happy as they thought he meant R450 000.

The head of the relief fund later announced and thanked the president for the R450 cheque.