Some habits are better left outside the bedroom. Relationships/Marriages are never as simple as some people make it seem.

You have to understand that just because you and your partner have your own dynamic going on doesn’t mean you get to be complacent.

You still have to exert maximum effort into the relationship.

Remember that habits are what make up our character as human beings. It’s the same in relationships.

Here are a few habits that you need to avoid at all costs when you are in a relationship.

10. Texting other people while in bed.

You shouldn’t be texting other people in the presence of your partner especially when you’re in bed together.

It’s such a great act of disrespect when you are texting other people when you should be giving all of your attention to your partner. It would be understandable for you to respond to important texts that concern work, health, emergency or family of course.

09. Having your eyes glued on social media feeds all the time.

If you are a social media addict, you will get to check your social media feeds every chance you get.

Try to practice maximum self-control whenever you are with your partner.

08. Watching TV when you’re in bed together.

Studies have shown that couples who watch TV in the bedroom together are depriving themselves of valuable quality bonding time. It would be understandable for couples to watch TV in the den or in the living room. But the bedroom should be intimate and it should belong only to you.

07. Reading a book when you’re in bed.

There is nothing wrong with reading but when you’re in bed, you should probably take a break from reading and spend some quality time with your partner. Talk to each other. Interact with one another. Save your valuable reading time for other settings.

06. Doing some office work at home repeatedly.

Don’t always bring your work from the office into the home. Sometimes leave your work at the office.

There is a possibility that when you are working at home on a consistent basis, you might as well be living in your office.

Your home should be a sanctuary for personal growth. If you are bringing the business into your personal sanctuary, then you are missing the point of having a home.

05. Making one-sided decisions on bedroom decoration.

Include your partner in decisions that concern bedroom decorations. Remember that your bedroom doesn’t belong entirely to you no matter who occupies it all the time.

04. Leaving no space for your partner in the closet.

Don’t hog the entire closet. Yes, you may have substantially much more clothes than your partner but you need to give your partner the respects he needs as well.

03. Refusing to clean the house regularly.

You have to always make an effort to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your bedroom.

Give it the respect it deserves as a safe space for the both of you. Cleanliness they say is next to godliness.

You can even make a cute couple activity out of it.

02. Eating while in bed.

The kitchen and dining room is for food. The bedroom is for intimacy and sleeping.

Don’t compromise the sanctity of your bedroom by dirtying it up with food.

Also, you could be bringing in ants to the bedroom as well. That’s never a good thing.

01. Going to bed before fixing a fight always.

Don’t go to bed angry at each other  most times. Fix whatever problems you have before you go to sleep at night.

Talk things out. Always practice full honesty and open communication. Don’t just go to sleep hoping that you will wake up with your problems gone all of a sudden.