Lebogang Manwadu said she is tired of having sex with the tokoloshe.

LEBOGANG Manwadu fell in love when she was only 19.

But her days of happiness ended and Lebogang (31) from Mabuya Park in Vosloorus believes the man she once loved put a tokoloshe in her body .

Lebogang said she no longer’s involved with Sifiso Mhlanga (33) but an invisible man started bonking her when she still was with him.

“I was pregnant when the dreams started. Even when Sifiso was away I would still wake up with a wet body after dreams of sex with a man I didn’t know.”

She went with Sifiso to a sangoma. “The sangoma cut my body and smeared muthi in the cuts.”

But it didn’t help, so they visited many sangomas and prophets. “We got muthi to drink and sprinkle around, but nothing worked.”

Lebogang went to live at her mum’s house. “But the tokoloshe came back if I was at Sifiso’s place.”

Sifiso said he is no longer with Lebogang but denied putting a tokoloshe in her body.

“She is crazy. When I met her, she already had her problems.”

He confirmed he and Lebogang went to sangomas without success. “She must stop saying I put a tokoloshe in her body and deal with her problems,” he said.