Former Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela is now in protective custody and fearing for her life after 3 men allegedly opened fire at her car near her home at around 22h30 on Saturday.

She was waiting for her remote controlled gate to open when three men started shooting at her car with assault rifles.

Thuli is still alive now because she was offered an armoured vehicle by a Joburg company that specializes in cash in transit vehicles after the release of State Capture Report.

Two out of the three shooters have been arrested after their escape car ran out of petrol during a high speed chase by the police.

Police carried out thorough investigation and can now confirm that there is a million rand bounty on the former Public Protector.

The arrested shooters refused to sing but media reports alleges that they were hired by the same Indian family that has been spying on EFF leader, Julius Malema.

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One of the arrested hit men revealed that the initial hit was put out before the release of state capture for around 5 million rand.

The police are still looking for the third suspect and the two will remain in custody for their safety as it is believed that whoever put out the hit will not want them alive after they blew up the mission.

Anyone with evidence on the third suspect should please call appropriate authorities for he is believed tobne armed and dangerous.