The residents of Langa are reeling in shock after three teens were stabbed to death during a street party.

The party started on Saturday and ended on Sunday morning in Jungle Walk, where according to residents, kids as young as 10 years old were allegedly consuming alcohol.

Mvuyisi Komsana, community leader told the media that “We do not know who organised the street bash. Whenever there is a party or an event, as street leaders, we are consulted but this time around we saw children partying in the street. We do not know what led to the stabbings and we are still seeking answers.”

It is believed the deceased teens are between 13 and 17 years old.

In a video of the party, young children are seen carrying bottles of what seem to be alcohol in the packed street while a taxi is blasting music.

A Resident Mzabalazo Sihele said he was shocked to see young children partying at midnight without parental supervision: “It was an ugly scene to see. “We have called a general meeting to meet with everyone to get answers. The children who died are not from this street but from around Langa.”

However, police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk says there is currently no link between the stabbings and the street bash.

He said “Three stabbing incidents occurred during Saturday night and Sunday morning, three murder cases were registered for investigation. There is currently no link between the bash held in Langa and the stabbing incidents in Langa, the matter still under investigation.”

The police did not give the media the exact ages of the deceased.