Like the saying goes “BEAUTY sometimes comes at a high cost” – and possibly also a painful one!

A policewoman, who is expected to uphold the law and not break it instead arrest law breakers, choose to neglect or  follow the rules .

He day turned bad when she was seen without her Police cap all because she was caring an AFRO Weave, while some may not see it as an issue, well guess what it is.

Upon visiting a crime scene were a baby was found dumped last week. , she was seen carrying her cape on her waist instead of covering her hair with it.

The rule states that an officer must wear their police cap at all time when they are in full uniform. And she was also seen without her name tag or bullet proof vest while at a crime scene.

According to Daily Sun, a source said that her brother, who is also an officer in Gauteng, was charged for not having his name tag on.

“But this woman, who has hair similar to Pitch Black Afro, has not been charged,” said the cop.

“She had no vest on, no name tag and a hairstyle that is not allowed – but she still got away with it!

“I do not understand how the system works.

“It seems that some members are the seniors’ favourites and they can do as they please.”

Free State police spokeswoman Lieutenant-Colonel Thandi Mbambo said: “The huge hairstyle is not allowed when one is in uniform.

“The hair must be able to fit in under the cap and it must be well wrapped in a pony tail.”