“I want to see how you suffer.” These were the chilling words spoken moments before a 28-year-old Potchefstroom woman was raped.

According to SAPS spokeswoman Warrant Officer Mpho Manyoba‚ the victim wrote in her affidavit that she had stepped out of a nightclub at around 2am to get fresh air following an argument with her boyfriend.

She was then approached by a car guard who attempted to engage her in conversation‚ but she rebuffed him.

The affidavit states that shortly thereafter‚ she was approached by another man who grabbed her and pushed her up against a wall in an alley.

The car guard then joined the other man‚ and assisted him by holding the victim down.

“This is what we are going to do to you white girls‚” the attacker reportedly told her while raping her.

He then told the car guard it was “his turn”.

The victim then describes how throughout the attack she had screamed for help.

During the second rape‚ a car stopped nearby‚ its occupants having heard her panicked screams‚ and the suspects fled.

Manyoba confirmed police were investigating a case of rape after the victim was taken to Potchefstroom Hospital where a full rape kit was done.

“At this time‚ no arrests have been made‚” she said.