A staunch ANC supporter in the North West who is well known for hating on white people, has decided to come out publicly about it following his recent rant on social media.

According to his social media post, the who was identified as Obakeng Mothupi said he deliberately splashed water using his car on school kids while picking up his kids and said he felt proud doing it;

“Today when I go pick my boy at school when it was raining‚ I met two white kids and there was lots of water on the side of the road‚ I accelerated and spilled water on to them. S**t it felt great to see them wet. I felt proud of myself‚” Obakeng Mothupi said on Facebook..

His post has received lots of angry comments from people and he doesn’t feel bad about it following his other post below;

“To everyone who said I was a terrible person when I spilled water on white kids the other day today a white person spilled water on black kids & after that incident I followed that bakkie till spar & fortunately I parked close to it white kids who were with him were so happy of what they saw & the driver was so excited as if he just reached climax. Now i’ll wait for your opinions especially those who raised them that day”