Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu is the reigning King of the Zulu nation under the Traditional Leadership clause of South Africa’s republican constitution. He became king on the death of his father, King Cyprian Bhekuzulu kaSolomon, in 1968.

Despite the economic and political challenges facing South Africa, the Zulu king Zwelithini demands for an increase in the budget allocation the royalty receives from the government.

The Zulu royalty receives an annual budget R58.8-million according to the 2017/18 budget for KwaZulu-Natal presented by Premier Willies Mchunu

We could recall that in April this year, the office of the premier presented its total annual budget of R742.1-million out of which R58.8-million was allocated to the Zulu kingdom.


Despite all the massive allocations, the Zulu King Zwelithini said the royal household remains one of the poorest in the country. He wants Hundred Million Rand for his household.

Giving further reasons why his household pay must be increased, the king claimed that through him, God directs the steps of the nation and in some cases, he would be ordered by God to pray for the nation. Sometimes,  he would lay his hands on them so that they can be healed.

“Sometimes when I speak, it is not me but someone is speaking through me. I am being commanded and I have to cough it out whether you like it or not. Even my birth was very different, it was prophesied,” he said, adding that some had predicted that he was not going to live beyond 1994,” said the king.

Again, the king said he has plans to build a church in Nongoma where he can pray on behalf of the nation and where people from all denominations would gather and pray for the nation.