A boy just hard his wrist cut off for attempted stealing.

He had his wrist hand chopped off trying to steal neighbour’s phone through the window.

He made his way to his neighbour’s backyard. He put hins hand through the window after tearing the mosquito net.

He did not know that the owner of the house was in and ready for burglars.

His neighbour used a sharp cutlass to cut of his hand while reaching for the phone.

The thief started screaming when his wrist hand was cut of. His screams got the attention of nearby resident who took pictures and posted on social media.

Some were in support of what the man did to the thief.

Here are some comments below:

Owusu Kweku said: Serves him right.

Ikenna Obiyo posted: Others should learn lesson from this.

Chijioke Onyejekwe wrote: Crime is bad but this was too harsh. Just like burning a 7yr old to death for stealing garri the other time. A stern corrective punishment was enough, but now, he has been damaged for life for just a mere telephone. Haba!!

Kayode Easy wrote: Some will even spray something thru the net and everyone in the room will sleep off till 12pm following day . It has happen to my neighbour before when man deh stay those stepping stone house. God punish devil good for him he has a story to tell his children to come

Idemudia Imafidon Edwin wrote: Chai#Automatic handicap#Ur mate dey hustle u say na omila u wan be.

The thief was rushed to hospital for loosing lots of blood and Police are there to arrest him after receiving treatment.

This happened in Delta State, Nigeria.