A 15 year old boy in Soweto who was caught making out with a sheep confessed that he has an addiction to having sex with sheep and this was not his first time.

Relating the incident, one Joseph Ntuli with whom the culprit resides said, “One of the men indicated that he was home when he heard a sheep bleating in an unusual way endlessly. He rushed out and saw the boy having se_xual intercourse with the sheep“.

Resident in the area were left in a state of shock and the matter was referred to the youth leader of the area as the chief was not around.

The culprit has however expressed his bewilderment at the issue saying that he did not “know what pushed” him to engage in se_xual intercourse with the sheep.

“I was in the room some few hours earlier and honestly, I do not know what pushed me to that. Something pressed me to go and have s_ex with the sheep, i think it is the evil spirit” he said.