As the deadly ritualist have taken their barbaric trade to the next horrible level, there is chaos and confusion among family members. Residents of Langa’s old flats near zone 26 are still reeling from the loss of “bubbly and fun-loving” Unathi Madotyeni, whose mutilated body was found just 300m from her home.

The 33-year-old mother of two was allegedly raped before being killed, and her eyes gouged out.

The gruesome discovery was made on Monday morning, hours after Madotyeni left her home with friends the evening before for a night out.

Her family says they are heartbroken and filled with anger.

“Though we know it is unlikely that this case will be taken seriously, we are not allowed to take the law into our own hands anymore, and the way he took her life was very brutal, said Madotyeni’s uncle Ntsikelelo Mthetho.

“I would love for him to feel the same pain that he made her feel,” he added.

Madotyeni, who arrived in Cape Town in February to further her studies, left her home with a friend around 6pm on Sunday. This is according to a friend, who asked to remain anonymous.

She recalled the last time she saw Madotyeni, saying they had met up with friends at a local tavern where they stayed for a few hours before she told her (female friend) she wanted to leave. They proceeded to a friend’s home and a male acquaintance accompanied the pair. Shortly after, Madotyeni allegedly decided to go home and the man followed her out.

Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk said a case of murder has been opened for investigation.

“The body of a woman was found in Langa with multiple injuries. Circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation. No-one has been arrested at this stage,” Van Wyk said.

Madotyeni’s family appeared upset and distraught by the incident, saying Madotyeni had two gashes to her forehead, and blood streaming out of her one eye socket had dried up.

When Weekend Argus visited the family, they were heading to the mortuary.

Madotyeni’s cousin, Noluvuyo Booi, said those who were first to arrive at the scene had to dress the body.

“When she was found her jeans were pulled down to her knees and they told us her eyes had been taken out. Who does that, what kind of an animal is this guy?” she asked.

Mthetho added he could not understand why police had not arrested the man who was last seen with his niece.

“Witnesses confirmed to police that he had changed his clothes but he flat out denied this, saying what he had on when he was questioned was what he had on the night before.

“Police did not even bother to look into this. Unathi is gone and her killer is wandering the streets,” he said.

At the time Madotyeni’s body was found, two men accused of the murder of Stellenbosch University student, Hanna Cornelius, were appearing in the town’s magistrate’s court – 48 hours after the 21-year-old’s body was found.

The humanities student’s body was found just 24 hours after she and a male friend had been hijacked. The pair were in a white VW Golf last Friday night, the car was later found near a farm between Stellenbosch and Kraaifontein.

Madotyeni’s family said they would be taking her body back to the Eastern Cape for burial.