Reports have it that a 15 years old teen survived the brutal murder of her family by pretending to be dead when the intruders invaded their home.

According to a  neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous said they heard the four gun shots;

“I first heard four shots, then silence. Three more shots were fired, followed by screeching tyres and a car hitting the gate. After a few minutes, we heard the little girl screaming and shouting for help, and that’s when we unlocked our doors and went out to see what had happened,” the neighbor said.

“We’ve known them for a while, but we couldn’t help because we feared for our own safety; that’s why we waited until we heard the killers leave before we went out to see what was happening.”

The girls uncle Peter Ratlhagane said that the  family were still confused as to why anyone would kill them;

“We’re devastated because we don’t understand the motive behind these killing. Perhaps if the police find the killers then we will have an opportunity to ask them why they did such a thing to Lucky.

“He was a community builder and loved to sing in the choir. We have no idea why anyone would want to hurt him or his family. The surviving daughter is naturally shocked and confused about this whole thing,” he said.

It was also revealed that those killed in the shocking incident were Constable Solomon Lucky Sebati, 41, Mmatshepo, 40, Quinton, 3, and Tshegofatso, 22, who was seven months pregnant, were killed.

Police have vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice;

“We condemn the merciless killing of an SAPS member and his family. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book,” said Motswenyane.

“Our heartfelt condolences go to their families and relatives.”