Posole Mokoena was buried with a missing p*nis and tongue. ~


Posole Mokoena, who was found dead and already been buried, has allegedly kept his family in fear.
According to to the Daily Sun SA, the dead man keeps coming back to haunt his family members in their dreams, angrily demanding that his tongue and p*nis be given back.

However, his family members cannot help him.

Daily Sun SA reports that Posole, 38, was found dead at a dam, missing some body parts. He was buried two months ago, but it appears his spirit cannot find peace.

His granddad Mokete, 87, said his dead grandson from Marquard in the Free State appeared in his dreams, angry and demanding his missing p*nis. He said Posole went missing for a week in October and his decomposing body was found at a nearby dam.

“His private parts were removed and his tongue was also cut off. We had to bury him like that,” Mokete said.

A herbalist, Rakauoane Mamoya said: “The granddad should order him to go to sleep. They should also perform a cleansing ceremony.”