Members of the Limpopo Endangered Species Unit followed up on information on suspects attempting to sell rhino horn in the Makhado area.

The members spotted the vehicle and the suspects sped off after throwing a wrapped object from their vehicle.

One police vehicle stopped and retrieved the object while the other vehicle followed the suspects. Three suspects were arrested by the Makhado Cluster First Responder Team and the POP members.

Members of the Endangered Species who retrieved the object, found it to be one rhino horn. It is suspected that the horn might be connected to an incident of poaching in the Witpoort area that occurred earlier in the week where a rhino and her calf were shot and dehorned. Forensic tests to confirm this, will be conducted.

Investigations are continuing to determine their possible involvement in other similar incidents of rhino poaching.

The suspects are due to appear in the Makhado Magistrates Court on Monday 2017-01-09, on a charge of illegal possession of a rhino horn and the illegal hunting of endangered species.