According to reports one of the contestant of the popular M-Net TV show, MasterChef SA is said to have beaten up a one-legged and homeless man, identity of the contestant has been revealed as Baked Bistro owner Zahir Mohamed and the incident happened  at about 1pm last Thursday.

The victim in question is said to be about 17 years and was allegedly beaten using his clutches. However Mohammed said it was self defense.

“Please understand, these accusations are not correct and I have not done anything wrong. I defended myself because I was being attacked. My business is incredibly important to me as I’ve worked hard for it. I would not harm people, but I was genuinely protecting myself and my business,” he said.

“I threw him out, but he would not stop banging on my door. I asked him more than 10 times to stop and he did not listen and then he smashed my window. As I opened the door to go outside, he hit me with his crutch over the shoulder. At this point, how am I not being threatened? My window has been smashed and I was hit? Please understand this is incorrect and I am being made out to be someone I am not,” he said.

He also added: “I don’t get into trouble; I am passionate about my business and that’s what I focus on. I’m not sure what those accusations are about or where they come from. I understand you have a job to do, but I feel it is my right as a human to defend myself if I am in danger.

“What if I had been stabbed? What if he hit me over my head and knocked me out? What then? The window he smashed costs R15 000 to repair. Who’s going to pay for that? It’s not insured. I have to pay. And I am being made out to be some nasty person for protecting myself.”

Though according to an eyewitness who spoke to CityPress, said that the accused dragged the homeless guy inside his restaurant, locked the place and asked his staffs to beat him up.

“I couldn’t intervene as I was locked outside the restaurant, but the man was making loud cries asking for help,” said the man, who wants to remain anonymous

“To beat him was really uncalled for. He could at least have called the police. There’s no humility. He smashed him with his crutches. He made such a horrible noise. What Zahir did was disgusting. I’m willing to testify if a case is opened,” he said. .

The eyewitness also said that the boy in question is known around there, since he is always begging people for money or help

Paramedics were called and the teen was taken to an unnamed hospital.

Source :- News24