A protest march on Saturday morning saw Scottsdene residents come out in their numbers in support of the community against ongoing gang violence that has seen a number of children killed.

On Tuesday last week the community held a prayer meeting for the latest victim, a 3-year-old boy who was shot in his stomach a few metres from home.

This has prompted an emotive conversation on social media between community leaders and residents about the gang violence in the community, with many asking why nothing was changing despite their many calls for crime-prevention initiatives.

The march, hosted by various concerned community organisations, was chaperoned by local car spinners, police and law enforcement officers.

Grant Twigg, Scottsdene councillor said it was time gangsters in the community were stopped before more children were killed.

Twig said “We are fed up with the situation here; every day gangs shoot at each other and miss, but somehow our kids are the ones who get hurt. They are killing our children and destroying our families. As a leader in the community, that’s why I’m here, to support the community in its call for an end to the ongoing violence in Kraaifontein,”.

Kraaifontein Community Development Forum chairperson Nathan Shaneal said it was upsetting that the community had to resort to marching in the streets, condemning violence.

Shaneal said “At this stage we wouldn’t mind having the army back in this community. Kraaifontein is a large community and our police force is overwhelmed. We need external support and yet the government is not reacting. People are dying here every single day; we need more officers, more assistance and a working crime intervention strategy in place”.