A 35 year old Mpumalanga woman has been arrested after her neighbors saw a human foot sticking out of the ground in her yard and notified the police.

When the police arrived, Nora confessed she buried her husband the father of five children.

In a statement she gave to the police, she said she buried him because he is useless and always drunk.

”I regret what i have done but the reason i did it is because he is always drunk and cannot pick up bills.

”He is always abusing the children when drunk.

”He is always borrowing money from people which i end up paying.

”All the electronics is the house, he sold them to buy alcohol.

”He always keeps late night and demands food from me anytime he is home,” said Nora.

She went on to say

”Yesterday he was home just too drunk, and when i remembered everything he has put the family through and i couldn’t bear it.

”I did not even push him inside the hole.

”I just told him there is more liquor in the back yard and he stood up and started walking that way and fell into the hole and i filled it back,” she told the police.

The police charged Nora with murder and she will remain in custody until her trials is over.