The south Africa’s judiciary is receiving strong approbation from the public, after a masked University boss swindled a huge sum of money, running into R17 million through criminally purported University account.

Bradley Freeman was charged with 34 counts of fraud, 34 alternative counts of theft, 35 counts of money laundering, 35 alternative counts of acquisition, possession or use of proceeds of unlawful activities.

North West High Court’s state prosecutor Wessel van Biljon told the court that all charges against Bradley’s father were withdrawn. His parents Gert and Judick Freeman had also been implicated.

Van Biljon said Freeman and his mother pleaded guilty on all charges against them.

He said Freeman gave certain service providers and other entities working with the university his personal bank account details, under the pretence that the account belonged to the university.

He swindled student loan service provider EduLoan, Crail service station owned by a Mrs M Schutte who rented the university canteen, and Assmang Ltd, a mining company which provided students with loans.

The charge sheet also stated that Freeman took money from Sasol Inzalo Foundation, a fund which supported students enrolled for honours and masters degrees in chemistry.

Van Biljon said Freeman used the money for his own benefit, acquiring fixed properties, vehicles and other goods, and for benefiting the family trust. He is the beneficiary of the JR Freeman family trust. His mother Judick is a trustee.

Judge Samkelo Gura sentenced Judick to 10 years imprisonment which was suspended for five years.

Bradley was sentenced to 15 years for fraud and another 15 years for money laundering without an option of a fine.

NPA spokesman Frank Lesenyego said assets forfeiture unit was able to recover assets amounting to R11120032.