The Social media was abuzz after the Sunday Times reported that Radebe was in hot water for raunchy text and e-mail communication in which he asked for nude pictures of a 29-year-old Union Buildings staffer‚ Siyasanga Mbambani.

Minister Radebe was in Port Elizabeth where he addressed ANC officials from the Sarah Baartman region about policy discussion documents.

Although the 64-year-old minister‚ dodged questions about his messages‚ he referred all queries to his spokesman. His spokesman‚ Phillip Musekwa‚ said: “The minister deeply regrets that the exchanges took place in the first place.

However, “He is worried about the welfare of the woman who is implicated. She will take the social media pressure of what is now out there.” Musekwa said Radebe would like to apologise to the country‚ Mbambani‚ her family and his own wife and children. He said Radebe admitted the incident and said it was poor judgment on his part.