South African government officials are now at a high risk of mindless attacks, ranging from kidnap, theft etc. Another prominent politician in the country, the mayor of Ditsobotla Local Municipality in Lichtenburg, Daniel Buthelezi, is currently being held hostage by the community, police have confirmed.

However, police spokesperson Sabata Mokgwabone addressed the that Buthelezi was being held at the municipal building.

He reported a group of people allegedly stormed the building and set a section of it alight.

“A hostage negotiator is on the scene. Information at this stage is sketchy. Police are monitoring the situation,” he said.

That municipality was established through the amalgamation of the former Lichtenburg, Coligny and Biesiesvlei Transitional Councils.

Serious chaos erupted in Coligny several weeks ago when the community took to the streets following the death of a teenager.