A motley of tantrums and raw exchange erupted in a restaurant when a South African white woman questioned the management of a bar on why they threw alcohol over her after she had complained about being served a drink in a dirty glass.

Joburg resident Sindy Fiba and her friends had gone to a pub in Hartbeespoort called The Drinking Arm.

“We went to have some drinks and then I noticed that one of the glasses they poured my drink in was dirty, so then I told the owner,” Fiba said.

She claimed the owners Shané Van Der Westhuizen and Elsa Mouton then turned on her.

“The woman threw alcohol on me and started shouting at me and called me the K-word and the P-word just because I informed her about the dirty glass.”

It was then that she decided to film the incident. Mouton told the Cape Argus on Tuesday that she was aware of the incident and could not comment on it further.

In a separate incident a freelance journalist from Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal, went on a racist rant on Facebook.

Andile Moshoeshoe wrote: “Whites are alien in South Africa Let me remind you that South Africa belongs to black people and all other racial groups are nothing but aliens”

The radio station he sometimes works for distanced itself from him and his comments, saying it would review its relationship with him.