During Premier Job Mokgoro’s recent appearance before the Zondo Commission, it was revealed that, out of the R132 million budgeted for the Mafikeng Rebranding, Repositioning and Renewal Programme (MRRRP), R50 million was irregularly paid to SA Express.

Each Provincial Department donated R10 million, that was meant for service delivery programmes, towards the MRRRP, which was then ringfenced by the Office of the Premier to carry out the projects. The programme was later expanded into 23 projects.  An additional R100 million was provided in the 2015/16 budget of the Office of the Premier to bolster the initial budget of R132 million, thereby increasing the MRRRP budget to R232 million.

The fact that R50 million from this budget was irregularly spent on SA Express, is a strong indication that the entire R232 million was misspent.

The first phase of the programme consisted of 7 main projects that were aimed at improving Mafikeng as the capital city of North West, including:

– Design of the stadium at R10 million;
– Extension of the Convention Centre at R3 million;
– R72 million for a quick wings project;
– Security points at R10 million;
– Refurbishment of the Bop Rhino Studio at R10 million;
– Feasibility study, design and architecture designs for R15 million;
– Communication strategy for R2 million; and
– Mafikeng beautification at R10 million.

On top of the irregular payment to SA Express, there is no clarity as to whether all the other projects were ever completed.

The DA will be requesting the Premier to, within 7 days, provide us with the memorandum for the joint cooperation and implementation of the MRRRP which was entered into with the Mafikeng Local Municipality.

Along with the memorandum, the Premier should include a comprehensive report on what the money was spent on, how many phases the programme consisted of and the total cost for each phase, who was responsible for the execution of this programme and also what steps will be taken to ensure that consequence management measures are taken against politicians and officials implicated in any wrongdoing.

Upon receiving the report, we will outline our course of action to ensure that each and every cent is accounted for.