Pupils and parents at the Solomon Qatyana Primary School in Strand locked the principal and the department inspector in a school toilet to teach them a lesson about the condition of the foul smelling toilets, which they had been complaining about.

There was chaos at the school as parents, teachers and pupils marched outside the school against alleged overcrowding, no proper school structure, no sport grounds and no proper school ground. The pupils missed a day of schooling.

Parents said there had been promises made to build a new school, which had not been kept.

Councillor for the area Semthembile Mfelane said he supported what the parents and pupils did because they had been complaining for a long time.

“Solomon Qatyana is the first mobile school in Strand with over 1 000 pupils. We have been asking for a proper structure for years now. Other schools which came after this school have proper structures.”


Police eventually arrived and asked parents to unlock the toilet and release the principal and inspector, which they did. Discussions with parents were held.