Following the various misdeeds happening in its taxi section, Transport MEC Jacob Mamabolo has placed the “4plus1” taxis in Mamelodi in his sights following complaints of lawlessness in the sector.

Mamabolo said he had received several complaints from taxi operators and motorists about the conduct of some of the drivers in the sector.

He said law enforcement would pounce on them before December. “They are causing problems and operating lawlessly, going in spaces they are not supposed to. We are coming for them; it is just a matter of time. We will ground them very soon if this continues. We need to clamp down on them before the festive season.

He added that “These operators will end up with criminal records. The problem is they think we are a banana republic; and if the anarchy prevails we will pounce. They cannot do as they wish.”

The transport MEC further said they would also engage the relevant authorities in order to get convictions for the perpetrators of the chaos. He said “They cannot just pay small fines and go free while posing serious danger”.

A Mamelodi operator who asked to remain anonymous said there were a few people who were not abiding by the law and entering areas which they should not out of greed. This was raising tension and causing rifts between them and minibus taxis operators.

He said there had to be a way to ensure that all drivers operated within their jurisdiction and those that stepped out of the boundary subjected to a hefty fine or barred from operating for a time as a consequence of their actions.

He was against the use of a blanket approach in solving the problem as cars were growing in numbers.

He added that it was sometimes known who the wrongdoers were, but nothing happened to them.