Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a Zimbabwean revolutionary and politician who has been President of Zimbabwe since 1987.

The 93-year-old president has started fresh plans to grab land from the few white commercial farmers still remaining in Zim.

Mugabe said white commercial agronomists who still remained on the farms should be removed from their properties because most Zimbabweans were in need of land.

The president said that in Mashonaland East province alone, there are 73 white commercial farmers who are still occupying some farms when our people do not have land.

Earlier on, he told (former British premier) Tony Blair to keep his England and we keep our Zimbabwe because land is our heritage.

The Zim president said that he is going to take those farms and re-distribute them to youths.

Thousands of white commercial farmers and their employees were displaced and left without sources of income during the fast-tracked agrarian reforms that that were masterminded by Mugabe’s administration in 2000.

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