Mzwandile Majosi , who allegedly killed a city police official by stabbing him more than 22 times in order to “make sure he was dead and could not speak”, was on Thursday denied bail in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court.

The 28-year-old man was arrested in connection with the murder of an off-duty police officer, Constable Lentswe Edward Mogorosi, whose body was discovered in the veld near Lerato Park on January 8 2017.

He had sustained multiple stab wounds to his face and body.

Majosi on Thursday abandoned his bail application after the case’s investigating officer (IO), Sergeant Paballo Motshepe, presented damning evidence for the State during the opposed schedule five bail application.

Motshepe indicated that Mogorosi had sustained “more than 22” stab wounds in the attack.

He further testified that Majosi, who was apparently the last person to see Mogorosi alive, had told a witness after the incident that he had “no choice but to kill a man who had seen him drop some drugs, while he was robbing the man”.

According to the IO, Majosi told the witness that he had no choice but to stab the man as “a dead person can not speak”.

“After Majosi showed the witness where he had stabbed the deceased, with blood still visible, he then told the witness that his knife broke while stabbing the policeman and that he ‘luckily’ had a second knife, which he used to stab the man further to ‘make sure he was dead’.

“He threw the broken knife handle and blade into the veld, in the presence of the witness.”

“When the witness asked Majosi why he was telling him these details so easily, he replied by saying that ‘he was not afraid and that he knew who to talk to and was further sure that he would not report him’,” Motshepe testified.

Police found several items, including bank and medical aid cards belonging to Mogorosi, during Majosi’s arrest, after the witness had provided the police with information.

After the State concluded its evidence in the bail application, Majosi abandoned his bail application, leading Magistrate Brenda Roodt to say that after the evidence was presented to court, there would not have been any possibility of a successful bail application, even if Majosi had not abandoned the application.

“The evidence presented against the accused seems overwhelming and I am of the opinion that the State had an extremely strong case against Majosi. I am of the opinion that a sentence of life would be handed down if the accused is found guilty,” Roodt stated before postponing the matter to March.