Report has it that three women were rescued from a house in the Cresta area on Tuesday night.

Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubela said the women were allegedly kidnapped and tortured by eight male suspects.

The women were already being investigated by the police for their alleged involvement in a “black dollar scam”. Also known as the “wash wash scam”, the con involves persuading victims that their money can be multiplied.

The women apparently conned bank customers in a mall. The men are believed to be victims of the con.

“The victims were found in an abandoned house near Roodepoort and tortured. The eight suspects were charged with kidnapping and assault and will appear in court within 48 hours. The women were seriously burned (possibly shocked using electricity) and bruised. The motive is still under investigation,” Makhubela said.

A doctor examined the women and they were taken to a place of safety.

Both cases according to police are under investigation.