Pheladi Mmoko, the Ekurhuleni MMC for community safety has disclosed that the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) has intensified its war against gender-based violence (GBV) and kidnapping.

This comes after two women were on Tuesday rescued from a property in Bedfordview after their alleged kidnapping in Elsburg two weeks ago.

The EMPD said during the rescue of the two women, a wanted suspect in Ekurhuleni was arrested.

Police also found stolen items including a police cap, a motorcycle and IT equipment, which included a laptop belonging to the Gauteng provincial government.

“The police also seized drugs such as the notorious ‘mushroom’ and Liquid G commonly known as the date-rape drug.”

A firearm and numerous rounds of ammunition were also recovered by the police.

The police also said “A sting operation was then conducted, leading to the arrest of the owner of the property and the alleged kingpin,” police said.

Mmoko said the operation was “a major breakthrough”, which she believed could lead to more arrests. She said “We are following leads of human trafficking and drug dealing. We suspect that this suspect is part of a crime ring”.

She also said as the country grappled with the scourge of GBV and the kidnapping of women, the raid could lift the lid “on similar activities in the region and beyond”.

Mmoko said police had intensified their war against GBV and kidnapping. She said “We already know the hotspots, be it in townships or affluent areas. We know the modus operandi of these thugs and we also know who they are and we are going for them,” he said.

She indicated that the police were on the trail of several other suspects believed to be working with the arrested suspect.

The EMPD said it would also be engaging with their South African Police Service (SAPS) counterparts to determine how the arrested suspect got out of jail after he was arrested six months ago.