A KwaZulu-Natal police officer was assaulted during an incident in which she and her partner were robbed of their service pistols on Tuesday.

The incident occurred near Hlobane in northern KwaZulu-Natal while the officers had been responding to a robbery.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembela Mbele said the two female officers, stationed at Hlobane police station, had been responding to an incident in the Mnyathi area.

He said “It is alleged this morning [Tuesday] at 4.30am a truck driver was picking up people who were working in the forest at Mnyathi area in Hlobane when a bakkie with five male occupants stopped next to the truck”.

Four men alighted from the truck, robbed the victims at gunpoint of six chainsaws and containers which contained petrol before fleeing the scene.

“The Hlobane police were immediately alerted. Two female police officers responded to the scene.”

Mbele also said the vehicle was spotted in the area and upon seeing the police officers, the suspects alighted from their vehicle.

“At gunpoint, they robbed the police officers of their service pistols. One officer was assaulted with a firearm butt and sustained injuries on the head. She was taken to hospital for medical attention.”

Charges of robbery were opened at Hlobane police station for investigation.

No arrests have been made.