As the South African Police force continues to receive different levels of allegations against its officers; A Lansdowne police officer is expected to appear in court today for alleged sexual assault.

Police spokesperson Colonel Andrè Traut said two other cases of sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by Lansdowne police members are being investigated by Nyanga SAPS.

Traut said the police officer was remanded and the case, which was opened in August, would be heard in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court today.

“Complaints of sexual harassment in SAPS are viewed in avery serious light, and it is on this basis that a senior officer has been appointed to investigate the allegation of this nature made against an officer in this province.

He said “Further be advised that the placement of an officer is an internal affair and this matter is being dealt with as such”.

Anti-gender-based violence organisation Women Against Violence in Society, in a letter of complaint, highlighted a number of alleged cases of sexual assault and harassment which had “not seen the inside of a court”.

The letter read “Why is it that the very police officials who commit these gender-based sexual crimes are being protected when these are cases being closed by the same system that fails the victims?

“Victims were treated as if they did something wrong, and everything was done by the police to close these cases,” the letter read

“The detectives are not doing their work, and the justice system is failing women. I no longer feel safe going to a police station because I was treated as the suspect and not the victim”.

Meanwhile, Atlantis rape accused Glen Martinus’ bail has been extended until his next regional court appearance.

Martinus appeared in the Atlantis Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where his case was transferred to the Atlantis Regional Court and postponed to February 2 for a first appearance.

Martinus is currently out on R10 000 bail and faces charges of rape and sexual assault.

Mamre residents chanted “withdraw the bail, send Glen Martinus to jail” after he appeared in court.

Community activist Janine Passenz said “A lot of people came to support the survivors. There are still a lot of girls that don’t have the courage or the guts to speak out because of the community not supporting them. But we are actually happy for what is happening.”

Police confirmed that the matter had been transferred to the provincial Serial and Electronic Crimes Investigation FCS Unit. Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said “There are four case dockets with charges of using a child for child pornography, rape, extortion and sexual assault”.

It is alleged that Martinus targeted his victims online by creating fake social media profiles, soliciting nude pictures and videos from them and then blackmailing them for sexual favours. It is also further alleged that Martinus posed as a model agent, doctor and fitness instructor online.