According to Police in the Kwazulu Natal Province, the decomposing body of lady reported to SAPS as a missing person back in December 29, 2016 have been found at the back seat of a broken down vehicle in her yard.

Below is how the police puts it;

On Monday, 9 January 2017, Chatsworth SAPS recovered a decomposing body which was found in the backseat of a vehicle from Davaram Street, Shallcross. The body was identified yesterday as Vijayalakshmi Moodley (45), the victim was also known as Veronica. The victim was reported missing to Chatsworth SAPS, and was last spoken to by her sister on December 29, 2016. The victim’s decomposing body was found wrapped in blankets in the backseat of a broken down vehicle in her yard.

According to the victim’s sister, who was very concerned that she did not hear from the victim in two weeks, she had sent a family member to the victim’s home to check up on her.

“My nephew went to feed the dogs, while his parents searched the premises, as my nephew reached for the dog food which my sister kept in the broken down car in the yard, he noticed a human leg,” said the victim’s sister.

The family contacted the Chatsworth SAPS, who attended the scene and identified the body as Veronica’s body. The cause of death has not been identified as yet.

Ethekwini Inner South Cluster Commander, Major General Keerath Nunkumar stated that members of the Chatsworth SAPS will be working around the clock to investigate the case.

Please note that the featured images used is from the crime scene, just an illustration